Saturday, October 23, 2010

MSN's new fashion derivative can invite friends online to listen to music all day

Is to work the Xiaona receive friends Anne's MSN message: "Anne invite you to use small i robot - to share wonderful music. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt + Q) the pending invitation." Anne always made some fun things over, this time will be any interesting content? Xiaona while thinking about the side to accept the invitation and soon, a nice music player appear in the eyes. Xiao Na wearing headphones, very smooth voice will be fluttering ears. Anne at MSN said: "I found Chen had the song" Did anyone tell you "really good to hear, so share with you. What do you think ah?"

This is the white-collar users in being a popular new way to enjoy music. Everything just MSN can handle even the music that matters, it can be done in the MSN on. Even more commendable is that, MSN is a very suitable platform for sharing, users can put their favorite songs through the "song" to listen, together with your friends.

As a "stylish Walkman", MSN Music service has the advantage, users simply add a little MSN, i robot (account, you can listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere. In the contact list to find small i robot, open dialogue with their chat window, type "music" and accepted the invitation, will be on the right page to start music service. Small i robot music service also provides considerable practical function: Category song library, collection songs, song, look for similar music, and lyrics synchronized display and many automatic functions. Oversized Play button to enhance the user's convenience in operation and accurate; cool visual effects also makes users feel good to feel in the songs.

Through this sharing platform, MSN, users can listen to the song itself is through the "song" to share with friends. When the friend a bad mood, you can point a cheerful song to show comfort; if friends birthday today, can point to send her a birthday song; hear their favorite songs, you can discuss the song with the judge.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Intel claims AMD is due to be executive pay

Intel and AMD middle of this month the company announced an agreement to reach a comprehensive settlement, Intel agreed to pay a total of 1.25 billion U.S. dollars settle all legal disputes between the parties, including AMD's antitrust litigation and patent cross-license between the parties dispute.

Subsequently, AMD announced a series of actions to reduce the debt due in 2012 to 485 million U.S. dollars, and will reduce the total debt burden of 890 million U.S. dollars. In addition, AMD has also decided to increase the company executives at all levels of pay. In the last week submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission documents, said AMD, mainly the salaries of senior management will be restored to its original level, accompanied by massive layoffs earlier this year, AMD executives have also suffered a pay cut.

The pay adjustments, AMD CEO Dirk Meyer basic wage from the 720,000 U.S. dollars to 90 million, Chief Operating Officer Robert Rivet basic wage from the 552,000 U.S. dollars to 65 million, Executive Vice President Tom mcCoy increased from 462 400 544 thousand U.S. dollars. AMD said that the basic salary as annual bonus and certain proportions, so the restoration of basic salary will increase after the company's bonus expenses in fiscal 2009.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baidu Xing, Tencent death?

Baidu Baidu IM communications through their carefully planned, waited six months earlier, finally no longer shy, opened under the veil Dengying. Currently, Baidu has started recruiting senior product manager, IM, IM strategy out of the rumor stage, into the warm phase. It seems Not One Less, Tencent Baidu prelude to a war we must, therefore China will enter and Evolution of the Internet during the grand unified likely in the near future to come.

QQ more and more poor user experience will Baidu opportunity.

QQ's experience is getting worse, the news overwhelmed the window and message box has been very unhappy users, the current msn, popo, Yahoo Messenger, gtalk and other instant messaging software, users are left to a very high democracy, the user can choose whether or not the pop-up information and tie fixed-mail messages show only the state of Tencent QQ is rape.

Where there is oppression there is resistance!

QQ users triggered the riots, I believe that Baidu QQ IM users will be because the riots were a large number of users, Tencent day to die just because they are too power, coupled with last year's screen name event Sina, Tencent already become a national enemy.

Baidu's users are the most extensive users a high degree of overlap with Tencent, Baidu IM Hsing, then Tencent death, Robin Li and Mr. Ma, one mountain can not accommodate two tigers!

Baidu's mass base is also powerful than Tencent, Baidu launched as long as IM, industry and users will be heard, raising the number of users have not been difficult, to see whether the product manager for Baidu Baidu IM to a higher realm gone.

Baidu Xing, Tencent death? QQ users revolt is inevitable, more loud than the Chen Sheng Wu Guang Uprising, Baidu entered the era of the Internet in China, while Baidu is facing its own test results experience, the other major portal Baidu Home withstand the test. To be more intense storms more now!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Magical material: Magic tulips

Flexible use of material is very important in graphic design capabilities, take a look at this little black background, tulip, do you have any idea?

This instance of the repeated use of a mixed layer of many different modes, such as: screen, overlay, soft light, etc., with some simple filter, to create a beautiful graphic effects.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

C + + Monitor: compatible with the accepted type of member function templates

smart pointers (smart pointer) is behaves like a pointer but the pointer does not provide increased functionality of the objects. For example, "C + + Monitor: Using Object Management Resources" set the standard auto_ptr and tr1:: shared_ptr what is applied at the right time automatically remove the heap-based resources (heap-based resources). STL containers within the iterators (iterators) is almost always smart pointers (smart pointer); you definitely can not expect to use "+ +" will be a built-in pointer (built-in pointer) from a linked list (linear list ) of a node to the next, but the list:: iterators can do it.

real pointers (the real pointer) did a very good thing to support implicit conversions (implicit conversion). derived class pointers (derived class pointer) implicitly converted to a base class pointers (base class pointer), pointers to non-const objects (object pointers points to a very content) converted to pointers to const objects (pointing to the constant object pointer), etc. and so on. For example, consider a three-level hierarchy (three inheritance system) can occur in a number of conversion: class Top (...);
class Middle: public Top (...);
class Bottom: public Middle (...);
Top * pt1 = new Middle; / / convert Middle * => Top *
Top * pt2 = new Bottom; / / convert Bottom * => Top *
const Top * pct2 = pt1; / / convert Top * => const Top *
In the user-defined smart pointer classes (user-defined smart pointer class) in imitation of the conversion is tricky. We want to compile the following code: template
class SmartPtr (
public: / / smart pointers are typically
explicit SmartPtr (T * realPtr); / / initialized by built-in pointers

SmartPtr pt1 = / / convert SmartPtr =>
SmartPtr (new Middle); / / SmartPtr

SmartPtr pt2 = / / convert SmartPtr =>
SmartPtr (new Bottom); / / SmartPtr

SmartPtr pct2 = pt1; / / convert SmartPtr =>
/ / SmartPtr
In the same template (template) of the different instantiations (instantiated) have no inherent relationship (inheritance), so the compiler that the SmartPtr and the SmartPtr is completely different classes, no less than (say) vector and closer to Widget . In order to get what we want the transition between the SmartPtr classes, we need to explicitly program them.

In the above smart pointer (smart pointer) of the sample code, every statement to create a new smart pointer object (smart pointer object), so now we focus on how we write smart pointer constructors (smart pointer constructor), the way we want it to run. A key fact is that we can not write that we need all the constructors (constructor). In the above hierarchy (inheritance system), we can construct a SmartPtr or a SmartPtr a SmartPtr, but if the future of this hierarchy (inheritance system) to be expanded, SmartPtr objects must also be from other smart pointer types (smart pointer type) constructed. For example, if we later joined the class BelowBottom: public Bottom (...);
We need support from SmartPtr objects to SmartPtr objects of creation, and we certainly do not want to do this and must be changed SmartPtr template.

In general, we need constructors (constructor) the number is unlimited. As a template (template) can be caused by numerous examples of functions, so if we do not need to SmartPtr a constructor function (the constructor function), we need a constructor template (template constructor). Such templates (templates) is member function templates (member function template) (often appropriately referred to as member templates (members of the template)) - produce a class of member functions (member functions) of the templates (templates) example: template
class SmartPtr (
template / / member template
SmartPtr (const SmartPtr & other); / / for a "generalized
... / / Copy constructor "
This means that for each type T, and every type of U, can be created from a SmartPtr a SmartPtr, because there is a SmartPtr to get a SmartPtr argument constructor (constructor). Like this constructor (constructor) - from a type is the same template (template) to create different instances of the object to another object's constructor (constructor) (for example, from a SmartPtr to create a SmartPtr) - sometimes known as the generalized copy constructors (generic of copy constructor).

The above generalized copy constructor (generic of copy constructor) has not been declared to be explicit (explicit) in the. This is intentionally. built-in pointer types (built-in pointer type) between the type of conversion (for example, from a derived class pointer to base class pointer) is implicit and do not need to cast (forced transition), so make smart pointers (smart pointer) mimic this behavior is reasonable. In templatized constructor (templated constructor) omit explicit just do it.

As a statement, SmartPtr the generalized copy constructor (generic of copy constructor) to provide something more than than we want. Yes, we need to be able to create from a SmartPtr a SmartPtr, but we do not need to create one from a SmartPtr SmartPtr, it's like reverse public inheritance (public inheritance) meaning (see "C + + maxim: to ensure that public inheritance simulation" is- a ""). We do not need to be able to create from a SmartPtr a SmartPtr, as this and from int * to double * the implicit conversion (implicit conversion) is not commensurate. We must try to filter from this member template (members of the template) generated member functions (member functions) of the group.

If SmartPtr follow auto_ptr and tr1:: shared_ptr's footsteps, to provide a return by the smart pointer (smart pointer) holds the built-in pointer (built-in pointer) copies of the get member function (get member function) (see "C + + Proverbs: in resource management class to prepare to access bare resources "), we can use constructor template (constructor template) to achieve the transformation we want the scope limited to: template
class SmartPtr (
SmartPtr (const SmartPtr & other) / / initialize this held ptr
: HeldPtr (other.get ()) (...) / / with other''s held ptr

T * get () const (return heldPtr;)

private: / / built-in pointer held
T * heldPtr; / / by the SmartPtr
Through member initialization list (member initialization list), held with SmartPtr pointer type U * initialize the type T * SmartPtr's data member (data member). This is only "there is a pointer from a U * T * pointer to an implicit conversion (implicit conversion)" can be compiled under the condition, which is what we want. The ultimate effect is SmartPtr now have a generalized copy constructor (generic of copy constructor), it is only in passing in a compatible type (incompatible types) of parameters can be compiled.

member function templates (member function template) is not limited to the use of constructors (constructor). Another common task they are used to support the assignment (assignment). For example, TR1's shared_ptr (again, see "C + + Monitor: Using Object Management Resources") support from all compatible with the built-in pointers (built-in pointer), tr1:: shared_ptrs, auto_ptrs and tr1:: weak_ptrs structure, as well as from the addition tr1 :: weak_ptrs than all of these assignments. Here is an extract from the TR1 specification out of a paragraph on the tr1:: shared_ptr content, including its statement template parameters (template parameters) to use class instead of typename preferences. (Like "C + + Proverbs: Understanding the two meanings of typename" in the set, in context here, they are strictly the same meaning.) Template class shared_ptr (
template / / construct from
explicit shared_ptr (Y backup bin conf config data eshow_sitemap.html log maint sitemap.html svn tmp p); / / any compatible
template / / built-in pointer,
shared_ptr (shared_ptr const & r); / / shared_ptr,
template / / weak_ptr, or
explicit shared_ptr (weak_ptr const & r); / / auto_ptr
explicit shared_ptr (auto_ptr & r);
template / / assign from
shared_ptr & operator = (shared_ptr const & r); / / any compatible
template / / shared_ptr or
shared_ptr & operator = (auto_ptr & r); / / auto_ptr
In addition to generalized copy constructor (generic of copy constructor), all of these constructors (constructor) are explicit (explicit) in the. This means that from a shared_ptr to another type of implicit conversion (implicit conversion) is permitted, but from a built-in pointer (built-in pointer) or smart pointer type (smart pointer type) implicit conversion (implicit conversion) is not allowed. (Explicit conversion (explicit conversion) - for example, by a cast (forced transition) - is still possible.) Similarly, attention is auto_ptrs transmitted to tr1:: shared_ptr the constructors (constructor) and the assignment operators (assignment operator) approach has not been declared as const, this control is tr1:: shared_ptrs and tr1:: weak_ptrs's been the means of transmission. This is auto_ptrs copied unique be changed when an inevitable result of the fact that (see "C + + Monitor: Using Object Management Resources").

member function templates (member function template) is an excellent thing, but they do not change the basic rules of the language. "C + + motto: Learn C + + secretly added and called that" set the compiler can generate the four member functions (member functions) of which two are copy constructor (copy constructor), and copy assignment operator (copy assignment operator) . tr1:: shared_ptr declare a generalized copy constructor (generic of copy constructor), it is clear that when the same type T and Y, generalized copy constructor (generic of copy constructor) can be instantiated and become " ; normal "copy constructor (" conventional "copy constructor). So, when a tr1:: shared_ptr object from another of the same type tr1:: shared_ptr object constructor, the compiler is tr1:: shared_ptr generate a copy constructor (copy constructor), or an instance of generalized copy constructor template (Pan type of copy constructor template)?

Like I said, member templates (members of the template) does not change the language rules, and rules, if a copy constructor (copy constructor) is required and you do not declare, you will automatically generate a. Declared in a class of a generalized copy constructor (generic of copy constructor) (a member template (members of the template)) does not prevent the compiler to generate their own copy constructor (copy constructor) (non-template), so if You have to govern all aspects of copy construction (copy constructor), you must either declare a generalized copy constructor (generic of copy constructor) has declared a "normal" copy constructor ("conventional" copy constructor). The same applies to assignment (assignment). This is from the tr1:: shared_ptr extract the definition of the section can be used as an example: template class shared_ptr (
shared_ptr (shared_ptr const & r); / / copy constructor

template / / generalized
shared_ptr (shared_ptr const & r); / / copy constructor

shared_ptr & operator = (shared_ptr const & r); / / copy assignment

template / / generalized
shared_ptr & operator = (shared_ptr const & r); / / copy assignment
Things to Remember

* Use of member function templates (member function template) to generate accept all types of functions compatible.

If you are the generalized copy construction (generic of copy-constructor) or generalized assignment (generic of assignment) a statement of the member templates (members of the template), you still need to declare a normal copy constructor (regular copy constructor), and copy assignment operator ( copy assignment operator).

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kingsoft WPS fans will debut Citation Shanghai Book Fair

August 13, the sixth Shanghai Book Fair opened in Shanghai Exhibition Center. The Book Fair to "I love reading, I love life" is the theme around the sixtieth anniversary of National Day and the Shanghai World Expo 2010 theme of planning a series of these two activities. As one of Kingsoft exhibitors actively cooperate with the activities. Book Fair, held in the form of Jinshan stand all sorts of activities to attract the readers eye. Readers with leaflets in addition to receiving free mineral water and popcorn, but also can participate in sweepstakes, and in the video booth area about 20 years Kingsoft eventful years.

Kingsoft WPS Office is one of the highlights booth to learn about the WPS since 1988 after the development process, the audience one after another in the "Support Genuine - Genuine China" back in the signature commitment to support the domestic genuine software. Field staff also presented WPS WPS Office Trial CD-ROMs copies, to allow more convenience of the reader to experience the WPS utility.

WPS home from the station a group of Shanghai residents (WPS fans in living in Shanghai, fans refer to themselves) also used the weekend to WPS booth help out. WPS WPS fans home is spontaneously formed organization. WPS WPS home wearing a Shanghai station residents theme T-shirts, placards shuttle in the Book Fair, to interested audiences in WPS knowledge, enthusiasm no less than the booth staff. According to WPS home, principal of introduction, their activities have received very good response, with many readers, and even volunteered to join WPS home.

Many spectators have said Jinshan the past 20 years consistently adhere to the national flag of the software, it is not easy; for the WPS is not only the depth now compatible with Microsoft OFFICE, also ultra-small size, mass online storage space, free templates useful, plug-in platform so out of their own characteristics, they were very pleased: "I never thought WPS has been so strong that even more determined that I support the determination of domestic software."

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bliss CD WAVE AC3 to MPC Manager

Bliss CD WAVE AC3 to MPC Manager is an advanced mp3 music editor software. It includes MP3 player, voice changer, tempo changer, beat tracker, effect mixer, wave editor, voice extractor, voice remover, microphone recorder, multi format converter, CD ripper, CD burner, CD cover & label creator, music organizer. Bliss CD WAVE AC3 to MPC Manager enable you to record live music and save in AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM. The intuitive user interface is based largely on self-explanatory imagery controls that allow you to concentrate on your music conversion task rather than overwhelm you with software-specific terms. It can handle ID3v1/ID3v2 tags information as well as create M3U playlists. It is intended for extracting music tracks from audio CDs and converting them to popular sound file formats such as MP3, CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM.

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